Onllwyn Distribution Centre,  Operations Manager Paul Davies has succesfully completed the demanding Welsh 3000 Challenge.


“I wanted to say a massive thank you for your support and added motivation to get this challenge done. It was without doubt a very hard day out and I was shocked at the terrain we had to cover to get at the Peaks. Looking back I think I enjoyed it, but I may be suffering from positive amnesia!!

We raised about £1400 with some money still coming in so it was worth the effort and all to a great cause. I funded the trip myself so every penny has gone to Cancer research UK.”


Some stats from the day,


Started walking at 4.11am finished at 12.05am, Nearly 20 hours.

1st peak was Crib Goch (pictured below) at about 6am

Total mileage with 1st ascent and final descent was about 31 miles.

Total ascent 13000 feet.

5900 calories burnt off!!

Consumed 7 litres of water/squash. Toilet used only 4 times (a lot of sweating)

Some pleasure involved. It is stunning up there and we was lucky to have lots of blue skies.

There was plenty of scrambling involved, that I found scary. Do not go if you are scared of heights.


Tech heads have a look at the info/evidence recorded on my GPS watch.

Again, A Big thank you to all that have donated to me and made it worthwhile, including the people who gave last year when it was cancelled due to gale force winds. I now understand why they had to cancel.