Safety Groups UK Awards 2018



Following Celtic Energy’s success at the 2017 South & West Wales Safety Awards dinner in May 2018, the regional Safety Group chairman encouraged us to apply for the national awards. Our submission for the SGUK Innovation Awards 2018 was based around our approach and strategy for improving Health & Safety in our workplaces with practical examples of initiatives that have either made a positive difference or were under trial in an attempt to make a positive difference to the safety culture and safety record within the business. These ranged from the development of illuminated buggy-whips to easy-on-the-eye safety pamphlets to trialling undefeatable seat-belts and in-cab cameras along with engagement with industry groups to produce good-practice guidance for the wider minerals and extractive industries.

After presenting our submission at the RoSPA HQ in Birmingham in early December 2018, we were shortlisted for a top three prize to be presented at a prestigious luncheon at the House of Lords in January 2019, hosted by the SGUK president, Lord Brougham & Vaux CBE.

The event was attended by Will Watson our CEO, Rob Thompson our Operations Director, Keith Jones our General Manager at Onllwyn Washery and John Rees our H&S Manager who gave a summary presentation of the submission to the assembled guests.

Celtic Energy were awarded the SGUK Innovation Award 2nd prize of the ?Scottish Chamber of Safety? Silver Punch bowl which was presented by Lord Cullen. It is a significant achievement which represents both recognition and approval at a national level by Health & Safety professionals from a variety of backgrounds of the work we are doing here at Celtic Energy.

The day included a tour of the Houses of Parliament and overall was an excellent experience for the many people who had travelled from all over the UK to attend plus the event gave a boost and added some sparkle to the Health & Safety sector across the country.