Celtic Energy is and intends to remain the UK’s largest producer of quality anthracite fuels for the domestic and industrial market.

There are three main categories of Anthracite products we produce:

Black Diamond

  • This is a Premium low ash anthracite
  • We supply Black Diamond to customers who demand the highest quality coal
  • We can provide Black Diamond in the following sizes
    • Large Nut, Small Nut, Bean, Grain, Peas

Group 1 Anthracite

  • This is our best selling anthracite
  • Group 1 Anthracite is a high quality coal for customers who are expecting value for money
  • We can provide Group 1 Anthracite in the following sizes:
    • Large Nut, Small Nut, Bean, Grain, Peas

Welshbrite Anthracite

  • This is our economy anthracite product
  • We supply a full range of economy products for all domestic markets
  • We can provide Welshbrite in the following sizes:
    • Large Nut, Small Nut, Bean, Grain

We also provide variants and mixtures of our coal products aimed specifically at various industrial applications, such as Cement Works, Carbon Processes, Power Stations, etc.

Our own laboratories continuously sample to ensure our high quality standards are maintained and HETAS testing confirms combustion quality on customer appliances.