Celtic Energy produces over one million tonnes per year of high quality anthracite and bituminous coals from sites across South Wales, either sold direct from site or from the coal washery and distribution facility at Onllwyn Distribution Centre.

Celtic Energy supply’s a range of high quality anthracite, high volatile and blended products to markets across the United Kingdom and onto the continent.
Celtic Energy is the largest supplier of graded anthracite to the UK domestic market and the exclusive supplier of anthracite to the DTI Concessionary Coal market.

The Company supply’s a full range of sizes – Large Nuts, Small Nuts, Beans and Grains in each of the three brands :

  • Black Diamond – Low ash & high heat
  • Group 1 – Premium quality
  • Welshbrite – Quality products at an economical price

The Company is a long term supplier to RWE’s Aberthaw Power Station, with several trains being sent on a daily basis for the generation of electricity at a power station where flue gas desulphurisation FGD has recently been installed and where a carbon capture pilot plant is intended securing a market for Celtic Energy coal well into the future.

Celtic also supply Bituminous smalls to the Cement Industry, Coking coal to Port Talbot Steel Works and a range of sizes to industrial markets, including brick manufacturing and water filtration. Celtic anthracite is the biggest supplier to the UK briquette manufacturing market.

Our continental customers range from domestic heating in Belgium, France and Germany to industries in Norway and France.

Demand has never been stronger with all markets looking for consistently high quality products from a producer with a proven customer focus and a reputation for reliability.