Escape and rescue exercises have recently been undertaken at all Celtic Energy sites under the close supervision of All Wales Ambulance Services Limited who are a private ambulance service based in Ystradgynlais.

The purpose of the exercises is to stage accident scenarios on site so that the escape and rescue teams have practical experience of dealing with an emergency. The teams consist of management personnel, site supervisors and first adiers. Site supervisors halt the site operations and provide an elevating work platform, if required, for rescuing a person from a high level such as from a large excavator and provide other site plant to ensure that an ambulance can gain access to the scene of an accident without any unnecessary delay.

Celtic Energy has trained in excess of twenty first aiders so that there is adequate first aid cover for all the sites and the working shifts. The first aiders are trained to an advanced level so that they are competent to use specialist first aid equipment. Each site has a first aid room which contains the equipment; namely exygen therapy equipment, the pain killing gas and air mix known as entonox, a defibrillator and a spine board.

General Manager Philip Jarman, who is responsible for health and safety and training, is fully aware that some of the Celtic Energy sites are in remote locations which could delay the arrival of the emergency services. He also explains that an injured person could be located on a large earthmoving machine up to two miles away from the site office. He requires first aiders that can take care of an injured person; that are competent to administer first aid and if necessary able to rescue the person, if that person is in imminent danger.

Mr Jarman emphasises that the advanced first aid equipment has been made available for emergency purposes but to date such a situation has not arisen where this equipment has been required.