Site Management and Celtic Energy H&S Manager organised a number of Conveyor Safety Training sessions at Onllwyn Washery in November 2015 using the HSE? “Nip-point Demonstrator” machine as its centre-piece, which was loaned out to Celtic Energy by Rema Tip-Top UK.

It proved to be a very effective way of demonstrating how there is no time and no way to escape from a running nip-point on a conveyor. As can be seen, the demo conveyor is relatively small compared with any on-site conveyor, yet has plenty of grip to pull & shock the sturdiest of operators pretty well off their feet.

Each operator is invited to take hold of the handle of a bar which extends into the machine at the end of which is a flat paddle representing someone’s hand or glove. The conveyor loop is started up and the operator attempts to gently push the paddle towards the running nip-point and then retrieve the paddle from the nip point  as it starts to bite.

It soon becomes clear that no-one can beat-the-bite and everyone is drawn forward with quite a jolt before the conveyor automatically trips-out, leaving each operator more than a little stunned at the ferocity and speed of the bite.

The sessions were delivered by Onllwyn Site Management, accompanied by a toolbox talk on conveyor safety procedures including the importance of effective guarding, electrical isolation and a few cases of where persons have suffered nasty injuries from conveyors.

The combination of practical demonstration, gruesome injury examples and solid safety advice certainly seemed to hit home with the people involved and hopefully sets a lasting image with them.

Thanks to Onllwyn Site Management and Richard Solly of Rema Tip-Top for enabling such an effective series of safety training sessions.


John Rees

Health and Safety Manager