Environmental Policy

General Statement

As the Managing Director of Celtic Energy Limited I am fully committed to meeting the Company’s responsibilities under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, the Water Resources Act 1991, the Environment Act 1995 and associated protective legislation.

To achieve these objectives the Company has appointed designated members of staff to be responsible for Company environmental management; to keep environmental procedures under constant review; to liaise with the Environmental Agency and other Enforcement Agencies wherever necessary; and to keep the Company and its Board of Directors abreast of new legislation, EU Directives, Regulations and British Standards, in order to ensure ongoing compliance with the law.

The Company will maintain certification to ISO 14001 for all of its business activities, giving confidence to stakeholders in our commitment to high standards of environmental management.

The Company is aware of its corporate social accountability, particularly in the area of our interaction with our neighbours and environment. We also recognise our responsibility in ensuring that our developments are sustainable, and that we maintain an ecological balance when exploiting mineral resources.

This policy applies to all surface mining coal mining sites and Onllwyn Distribution Centre and the activities carried out on these sites, and the provision of products and services at these sites.

This policy also applies to the Head Office at Caerphilly.

The philosophy of the Company is to develop a culture of environmental awareness and responsibility, as prompted by the following aims:

  • The Company is committed to preventing pollution and to balance the need to achieve commercial aims with the need to minimise the effect of its activities on the environment.
  • The Company is committed to a policy of continual improvement to eliminate any environmental concerns in the local community.
  • The Company is committed to setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets as party of its policy of continual improvement.
  • The Company is committed to risk reduction and to working with others including clients, suppliers and sub-contractors to minimise the impact of its operations on the environment.
  • The Company is committed to sustainability and to work with others to develop viable solutions to economic, social and environmental problems.
  • The Company adopts environmental impact assessment, where appropriate, as an integral part of the process of project appraisal and planning.
  • The Company manages land holdings with due regard to the environment and wherever practicable, identifying and maintaining areas of natural habitat.
  • The Company is committed to training its employees as appropriate, to promote improvements in environmental performance.

This Policy is communicated to all persons working on behalf of the Company and is available to the general public.

Richard Walters
Managing Director