Quality Policy

Quality is not just about supplying a product that meets our customers expectations. It is about the way in which we optimise the resources of the Company to meet both the objectives and expectations of all Stakeholders including ultimately achieving our customers satisfaction.

Quality is not just the domain and responsibility of Managers. All of us in some way affect the quality of the products and services that Celtic Energy provides to our customers. Quality is influenced by the whole organisation.

Quality is not ensured by chance. It requires an effective and continually improving €˜Quality Management System', actively endorsed and supported by the Executive Team and ultimately all employees. The €˜Quality Management System' must follow the product right through the supply chain to the end user.

As Managing Director, I and my Executive Team, are fully committed to providing quality products and services, recognising fully the benefits that such commitment brings to the overall success of the Company.

To ensure compliance we will:

  • Maintain an appropriate quality policy, that complies with legal, contractual or other requirements.
  • Communicate the policy throughout the Company, ensuring that the policy is understood.

The Company shall ensure that adequate resources are provided to implement the policy.

Richard Walters
Managing Director